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December 2019

A Company for Farmers and the Environment (AIM2Flourish)

Locus is a great example of a company that makes sustainable production easier for farmers. Locus is about optimizing profitability and improving sustainability. Optimizing profitability is accomplished since their products enrich the soil and root microbiome, resulting in improved vigor, and increased yields. Improving sustainability is accomplished through their products, substantially reducing carbon footprints by increasing soil carbon utilization and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Locus Agricultural Solutions Joins World Leaders at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 25) to Discuss Transforming Food and Agriculture Systems into Essential Climate Solutions

Locus Agricultural Solutions® (Locus AG), a certified B Corp™, is attending the UN Climate Change Conference in Madrid (COP25) and has been invited to the Marrakech Partnership Roundtable on how to transform food and agriculture systems into essential climate solutions. The company will later join other B Corps on the main stage to announce a major climate commitment.

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