Here At Locus FS


Locus FS was founded by a team that has decades of experience in delivering the un-tapped benefits of microorganisms and their metabolites. Our patented fermentation technology and extensive knowledge of microbial and biosurfactant applications are producing results never thought possible with traditional solutions.

IP Driven

We’re an accelerator that provides scientific and operational expertise to incubate intellectual property until it can be incorporated into industry-specific operating companies.

Data Driven

At any one time, our team may be conducting hundreds of experiments across over a dozen industry platforms.

Science Driven

Our team is comprised of world-class experts in microbiology, fermentation and numerous other scientific disciplines from around the world.

Difference Driven

We are prioritizing the biggest challenges in the biggest industries, while doing the spade work necessary to bring a multitude of data and IP-backed solutions to market.

We’re dedicated to developing green solutions

that alleviate specific pain points in key global industries

We use innovative fermentation technology

that’s key to our disruption and leadership in all applications and markets

Using multiple patent-pending processes and modular designs, we create low-Capex facilities that rapidly produce customizable microbial and biosurfactant cocktails used to alleviate global challenges sustainably and profitably.

Tour the Locus FS Headquarters

Headquartered in Solon, Ohio
9 offices in 5 States
Over 115 employees growing at 200% per anum 
600+ patent applications filed