Locus FS: Leading the ESG Evolution


Locus FS is globally recognized for its ability to customize and scale novel biobased solutions, proven to outperform chemicals and successfully address the world’s largest ESG pain points.

We have the innovative biomanufacturing technology needed to produce biologicals at the volumes and price points needed for widespread adoption, in a multitude of new applications.

Driven To Make A Difference

IP Driven

We’re an accelerator that provides scientific and operational expertise to incubate intellectual property until it can be incorporated into industry-specific operating companies.

Data Driven

At any one time, our team may be conducting hundreds of experiments across over a dozen industry platforms.

Science Driven

Our team is comprised of world-class experts in microbiology, fermentation and numerous other scientific disciplines from around the world.

Difference Driven

We are prioritizing the biggest challenges in the biggest industries, while doing the spade work necessary to bring a multitude of data and IP-backed solutions to market.

We’re dedicated to developing biologicals

that enable a rapid and profitable transition to a cleaner world

The global economy is in flux and in the next few decades, we will face unprecedented economic and environmental strife. Our unique microbe-based solutions target the largest global industries and alleviate key pain points.

We use innovative fermentation technology

that’s key to our disruption and leadership in all applications and markets

Using multiple patent-pending processes and modular designs, we create low-CAPEX facilities that rapidly produce customizable microbial and biosurfactant solutions used to alleviate global challenges sustainably and profitably.

Tour the Locus FS Headquarters

Headquarters: Solon, Ohio
11 offices in 5 states
160+ employees
1300+ patent filings
US$ 250 million raised

A Winning Team.

Experienced Management.

Founded by a management team with a passion for microbial solutions that has guided microbial, IP-based businesses to exits with Private Equity and Strategic Partners at historic multiples.

World-Class Science Experts.

Driven by scientists from the US, Kazakhstan, the Ukraine, India, Serbia and China, that are globally recognized as being thought leaders in microbiology and fermentation systems, with hundreds of patents and successful industrial and government engagements.

A Proudly Diverse Team.

Featuring a team of diverse minds from 8 different nations, made up of more than 55% women working in traditionally male-dominated industries. 

Experienced Management and World-Class Science Experts

Locus FS was founded by a team that has decades of experience in delivering the un-tapped benefits of microorganisms and their metabolites. Our patented fermentation technology and extensive knowledge of microbial and biosurfactant applications are producing results never thought possible with chemical solutions.

Andrew (Andy) Lefkowitz

Co-Founder & CEO

Responsible for driving the overall strategic direction of the company and managing its related businesses, including investment and venture capital opportunities.
• Successful legal career with an entrepreneurial focus
• Leader in company growth and capital raising
• Experience in prosecution of patent portfolios
• Supervised OTC product placements in 60,000+ retail outlets
• Oversaw licensing into over 60 countries
• Working relationships with FDA, FTC and regulatory bodies in 30+ countries
• Highly involved in local community

Dr. Ken Alibek

Executive VP, R&D

Spearheads all scientific R&D projects and new technology development.
• Former lead scientific administrator of the Soviet Union’s biological research & development program
• Oversaw 32 facilities and 40,000 team members
• Involved in over 150 patents and patent disclosures
• Authored 70+ published articles and a NY Times bestseller book, Biohazard
• Named by the BBC as one of the most influential people in the world for 6 years straight
• Awarded the Barkley medal for his distinguished public service and contributions to world peace
• Doctorate of Medicine from Tomsk Military University, a PhD in Microbiology and a DSci in Biotechnology
Amir Mahmoudkhani

Dr. Amir Mahmoudkhani

VP of R&D and Innovation

  • Responsible for all technology development
  • Adjunct Professor at University of Alberta, Edmonton
  • Global Head of Flow Assurance at Clariant Corporation
  • Inventor and co-Inventor of 38 patent applications
  • Author and co-author of 126 publications in peer-reviewed journals

“In the past, the terms “green” or “environmentally-friendly” had drawbacks. When a technology was green it was assumed to under-perform compared to its chemical equivalents. This was the price to pay for having a technology that didn’t further pollute our planet, poison the population, or waste our natural recourses. 

With Locus FS, it’s different. For us, green is secondary to efficacy. We understand that while green is crucial—for an industry to embrace a green technology it must be as effective as it chemicals counterpart and cost effective.  

Chemistry is often used to replace biology. In the industries that Locus FS is involved in, users will soon be able to revert to green solutions at lower costs, with greater efficacy.”

–Andy Lefkowitz, Chairman & CEO of Locus Fermentation Solutions