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Locus Fermentation Solutions Named US Biomanufacturing Leader

By March 8, 2023March 13th, 2023No Comments

Locus FS Evolution of Manufacturing award

  • Smart Business named Locus FS a three-time winner in the Evolution of Manufacturing awards
  • The greentech company is a domestic leader in carbon-neutral biomanufacturing of biologicals
  • The green solutions replace and outperform chemicals in key global sectors, including agriculture, energy and industrial

SOLON, Ohio (March 8, 2023) Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS), a fast-growing green tech based in Northeast Ohio, has been named a leader in the evolution of manufacturing for the third time.  The company is one of only 12 recognized by Smart Business for its carbon-neutral biomanufacturing of biologicals that cost-effectively replace global chemical use.

Recent news and legislation have highlighted the urgent need to advance domestic biomanufacturing, and fill a growing void in biological production. Protected by 1,300+ patents, Locus FS’ novel approach can meet global demand for biological alternatives that outperform chemicals in results, cost and sustainability. They are tailored to solve key ESG challenges across key global sectors, including agriculture, energy and industrial.

“Our biomanufacturing enables companies around the world to meet sustainability goals and satisfy consumer demand for more environmentally friendly products,” said Andrew (Andy) Lefkowitz, chairman and CEO of Locus FS. “We have the factors needed to accelerate the pivotal role biologicals can play in global decarbonization and chemical replacement.”

Locus FS’ biomanufacturing process combines renewable agricultural materials and specifically selected microorganisms similar to probiotics taken for gut health. Through a unique microbrewery fermentation process similar to making beer, they are transformed into high-quality, palm-oil free biologicals that are produced with a near-zero carbon footprint and USDA BioPreferred certified as 100% biobased.

The ISO-9001 certified biomanufacturing process is rapidly scalable, and enables production of biologicals at the volumes and price points needed for widespread adoption. Through continuous advancements in its methods, the company can produce the ESG-friendly ingredients with higher productivity at a fraction of the production time and cost of traditional fermentation processes.

“We are taking vital steps to become the leading manufacturer of biologicals,” Lefkowitz said. “Through expansions to our current facilities and securement of a new biomanufacturing center in Solon, we have already more than tripled monthly biological production capacity. The future requires a strong bioeconomy, and our goal is to drive its success.” For more information on the biomanufacturing process or for investment opportunities, visit


About Locus Fermentation Solutions 
Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS) uses patented biomanufacturing technology to deliver biological alternatives to chemicals that accelerate the profitable meeting of decarbonization goals for clients. These solutions are tailored to address global ESG challenges—including climate change, food security, product sustainability, water contamination, oil and mineral demand, and more. Once field proven, the biobased ingredients are commercialized through industry-specific operating divisions.

Locus FS’ divisions include Locus Agricultural Solutions, which helps farmers grow more food and minimize greenhouse emissions; Locus Animal Nutrition, which reduces methane emissions while boosting productivity of livestock; Locus Bio-Energy Solutions, which works with oil & gas operators to sustainably increase production of low-carbon fossil fuels; Locus Mining Solutions, which accelerates the clean-energy transition by boosting recovery of critical metals; Locus Performance Ingredients, which helps clients replace chemical and palm-based surfactants in industrial and product formulations; and Locus Consumer Brands, which develops clean-label CPG products. Visit for more information.