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Green Tech Startup Locus FS Recognized for Leading Manufacturing Evolution with Global Replacement of Chemicals

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Evolution of Manufacturing Honoree

Company’s unique fermentation technology allows creation of green solutions
with unmatched performance in solvintop pain points

SOLON, Ohio (January 27, 2020) Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS)the fast-growing green tech startup in Northeast Ohio, has been selected as a 2020 Evolution of Manufacturing Award winner for developing first-of-its-kind production technology that makes the cost-effective replacement of chemicals a global reality.  

The company, which is one of only 12 honorees in the award program from Smart Businessis being recognized for its innovative, microbrewery-type fermentation method that turns microorganisms (probiotics) and other natural compounds (biosurfactants) into green solutions that outperform chemicals in cost and results. The safe alternatives are up to 100 times more potent than competitive technologies and can be customized for use in numerous industries.  

“Tremendous demand exists for organic, non-GMO and non-toxic solutions that can replace chemicals, but world-wide manufacturing challenges prevented the cost-effective production of them in large scale,” said Andrew Lefkowitz, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Locus FS, and a 2019 EY Entrepreneur of the Year. “The fermentation technology we’ve developed is the key component to reducing this global chemical dependence by producing customized solutions at as low as 10 percent of traditional production costs, with unmatched performance. It enables, for the first time, a worldwide shift to the use of environmentally-friendly options.”  

The award-winning products developed using Locus FS’ technology are making a rapid global impact by successfully addressing top pain points across a multitude of industriesincluding 

Our innovative technology is not just making the world greener, it’s solving problems that chemicals can’t,” Lefkowitz said.  

Locus FS was founded by probiotic ingredient experts that saw an opportunity to create solutions utilizing the power of microorganisms that were unmatched in cost, efficacy and production capabilities. Together with a team of world-class scientists from seven countries, they turned the idea into reality, making Locus FS the largest and most effective producer of biosurfactants in the worldIn less than six yearsthe green tech startup and its operating companies have raised over USD$70 million, tripled employment and expanded to seven offices across four states.  

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Locus FS will be honored on February 20, 2020 during the Evolution of Manufacturing Conference & Awards in Clevelandwhich highlights manufacturers for their ability to innovate, create and drive processes that result in positive impact.  

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Founded by probiotic experts, Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS) utilizes the power of microorganisms to create tailored solutions that successfully address global problems—including climate change, sustainable growing, agricultural productivity, skin diseases, water contamination, safe oil production and more. The company’s world-class team of scientists from seven countries designed unique microbrewery-type fermenters to produce low-cost, “probiotic”-based products that increase productivity, while reducing environmental impact. The green solutions are safer and more effective than chemicals and can easily be customized to address a variety of challenges. Once proven to economically enhance profits, the environmentally-friendly and easilyadoptable products are commercialized under industry-specific operating companies. Currently, Locus FS accelerates technologies for use in the agriculture (soil “probiotics” that increase crop yields and reduce carbon footprints) under Locus Agricultural Solutions, and in oil & gas (well maintenance and enhanced oil recovery treatments that increase production in declining wells and improve worker safety) under Locus Bio-Energy Solutions—with additional operating companies in development. For more information, visit