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How a Fermentation Company is Revolutionizing Profitable Sustainability with Bio-Based Ingredients

By December 17, 2017January 24th, 2024No Comments
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Can microorganisms hold the key to addressing climate issues and decarbonizing industries? Locus Fermentation Solutions is proving they do.

An Ohio-based green tech company is transforming profitability and sustainability goals into tangible, measurable results. Locus Fermentation Solutions has emerged as a pioneer in biomanufacturing and microorganisms—leveraging novel fermentation processes to create 100% bio-based ingredients that redefine industries. These bio-based ingredients are not just alternatives to traditional chemicals; they outperform them, addressing critical Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) challenges in various sectors.  

Locus Fermentation Solutions’ unique approach and commitment to revolutionizing global markets with sustainable ingredients is backed by substantial investments and a long history of entrepreneurial success. The company has raised over $300 million, with almost half attributed to the value of its intellectual property—more than 1,400 patent filings on the production and application of 100% bio-based chemical alternatives.

The Challenge: An Urgent Need for Bio-based Chemical Alternatives

With global markets being pressured to improve sustainability, the need for profitable and sustainable alternatives to traditional chemicals is more critical than ever. Massive demand exists for bio-based ingredients, such as microbes, biosurfactants and metabolites, that can reduce the global carbon footprint. However, production limitations, high costs and inconsistent performance have hindered the widespread adoption of these biological alternatives to chemicals.  

Locus Fermentation Solutions working scientist in labLocus Fermentation Solutions has overcome these challenges and catapulted to the forefront of a green revolution. The company can produce 100% bio-based ingredients that decarbonize while boosting productivity and profitability in global applications.   

The Solution: Biomanufacturing 100% Bio-based Ingredients

The key to Locus Fermentation Solutions’ success lies in its patented biomanufacturing and novel microbial strains. Biomanufacturing is a process that utilizes microorganisms and fermentation to produce biological ingredients. The production approach transforms renewable raw materials made natural resources into high-performance, sustainable alternatives to chemicals.  

Each solution is non-GMO, readily biodegradable and 100% bio-based with a low carbon footprint and no palm or trace chemicals. These biosurfactants, microbes and metabolites are tailored for use in a multitude of industries and applications.   

Within their respective industry applications, the ingredients have received a multitude of regulatory approvals and compliance, including INCI and TSCA approval, USDA BioPreferred labeling as 100% biobased, REACH registration, CleanGredients listed with direct release approval, low-carbon certifications and more.  

Locus Fermentation Solutions’ ability to optimize biomanufacturing and meet the growing demand for biologicals has positioned the company as a global leader. The green tech’s 100% bio-based ingredients improve profitability and decarbonize chemical-reliant sectors, including agriculture, energy, mining, industrial and consumer packaged goods (CPG). 

The Visionary Behind Locus Fermentation Solutions: Andy Lefkowitz

Andrew (Andy) Lefkowitz Locus Fermentation Solutions Founder and CEOLocus Fermentation Solutions was co-founded in 2013 by experienced entrepreneur Andrew (Andy) Lefkowitz. After a successful law career, Lefkowitz started his entrepreneurial journey with Ganeden, Inc. a leading probiotic ingredient supplier. The company developed the world’s first shelf-stable probiotic strain that is now used in more than 1,000 foods, beverages and companion animal products across 60+ countries.  

Witnessing the powerful benefits of microorganisms in human and animal consumption spurred Lefkowitz to explore their use in broader applications. After a successful exit with Ganeden, Lefkowitz started Locus FS to address the world’s most pressing challenges with bio-based alternatives. His vision was clear: leverage the power of microorganisms as superior alternatives to traditional chemicals across various industries. 

Lefkowitz’s experience as a lawyer and entrepreneur, combined with his track record in building successful microbial, IP-based businesses, has been instrumental in shaping Locus Fermentation Solutions. This visionary approach set the foundation for the company’s success. It continues to drive the strategic direction of the company’s’ mission to create safer, greener and more effective chemical alternatives. 

The Evolution of Locus Fermentation Solutions: From Microbial Production to Biomanufacturing

Locus Fermentation Solutions’ Start

At its start, Locus Fermentation Solutions originated as a microbial biomass manufacturer, specializing in producing bacteria and yeast-based microbes. The company began by producing agricultural biologicals known as microbial soil amendments. 

Locus Fermentation Solutions’ Transition

The world-class Locus scientists had a deep understanding of the microbial world and potential applications. They were always on the lookout for new opportunities. Through extensive R&D, the team quickly uncovered links between microbial strains and powerful biosurfactants they produced through the fermentation process. 

This breakthrough discovery paved the way for the Locus Fermentation Solutions team to focus on developing specialized fermentation equipment, optimizing protocols and economically manufacturing both microorganisms and biosurfactants. The result was an expanded suite of bio-based offerings with use in diverse applications across almost every global industry.  

Locus Fermentation Solutions Today

Today, Locus Fermentation Solutions is a leading supplier of biological solutions that economically and environmentally outperform chemicals. The green tech’s proprietary and cost-effective biomanufacturing processes ensure the production of premium microbes, biosurfactants and metabolites. The 100% biobased ingredients solutions are non-GMO, palm-free and low-carbon. They’re being used around the world to improve profitability, accelerate ESG goals and decarbonize a variety of sectors. 

The Proprietary Biomanufacturing Process: How Bio-Based Ingredients are Made

Locus Fermentation Solutions’ IP-protected biomanufacturing process starts with bioinformatics to identify specific strains of beneficial bacteria, yeast and fungi. Then, modular fermentation is used to produce and scale the creation of bio-based ingredients. The ISO-9001 certified approach utilizes natural and renewable raw materials and involves isolating and fermenting unique microorganisms and biosurfactants. Locus Fermentation Solutions biomanufacturing center fermenters


Proprietary bioinformatics are used to identify superior strains of microorganisms. These microbes, including beneficial, yeast and fungi, and their metabolites are then formulated into products through modular fermentation.  


Locus Fermentation Solutions’ biomanufacturing approach combines chosen premium microbes with renewable raw materials, such as fatty acids and carbohydrates, in a natural fermentation process. Lean tools are used, including Six Sigma techniques and the 5S methodology, that reduce waste, minimize contamination risks, optimize productivity, enable higher yields and lower operating costs.  

This approach results in superior bio-based ingredients that are produced in higher volumes at 1/3 of the production time and at significantly less capital expenditure (CAPEX). It enables faster total production time, allowing the biologicals solutions to be scaled and reach the market in a fraction of the time compared to traditional processes. 

Scaling Up Biomanufacturing for Global Impact

Locus Fermentation Solutions’ patented fermentation technologies and biomanufacturing enable rapid scaling – a feat unmatched in the industry. The facilities can be built and operated anywhere in the world where there is water and electricity – in less than a year.  

In 2023, the green tech expanded its Ohio biomanufacturing facilities by 100,000 square feet, including two new campuses. The expansion supports a 3x increase in bio-based ingredient production. With this growth, Locus FS is strategically positioned to meet domestic and global demand for sustainable biologicals, setting it apart from competitors.  

While competitors face restrictions or rely on imports, Locus Fermentation Solutions stands as the only large-scale U.S. supplier of sophorolipid biosurfactants with TSCA approval. This unique position allows Locus Fermentation Solutions to provide multifunctional, high-performance biosurfactants in substantial volumes, a key differentiator in the market. 

Locus Fermentation Solutions’ ability to manufacture these compounds economically and in high volumes has set a new standard in the industry, enabling a wide range of applications from industrial to consumer packaged goods (CPG). 

Biological Applications Across Global Industries

Locus Fermentation Solutions’ bio-based ingredients provide unmatched multifunctional performance, ESG benefits and in-use costs. Their impact is far-reaching, spanning industries such as agriculture, animal feed, oil & gas, mining, personal care, home care and industrial applications.  

The customized biologicals address specific challenges, offering businesses ways to boost productivity, profitability and achieve ESG goals. They give end-users access to rapidly scalable and customizable ingredient options to replace a broad range of chemicals, meet ingredient disclosure regulations, reduce carbon footprint, minimize palm deforestation and address human and aquatic toxicity and health concerns.  

Locus Fermentation Solution Divisions

Once perfected, the 100% biobased ingredients are commercialized through industry-specific operating divisions that fall into one of three business units sectors: agriculture, natural resources (energy) and specialty ingredients. The solutions are not only economically superior but also help accelerate the achievement of ESG and sustainability goals, including:  

  • Agriculture (farming and livestock): Accelerating carbon drawdown, minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and improving food security 
  • Natural resources (oil & gas and mining): Slowing new oil well drilling and increasing critical metal supply to drive the clean energy transition 
  • Specialty ingredients (CPG and industrial): Stopping palm deforestation and pushing clean-label product formulations

Advancing UN Sustainability Goals with 100% Bio-Based Ingredients

Locus Fermentation Solutions aligns its mission with global sustainability targets. The company actively advances 11 of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, including No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health and Well-Being, Clean Water and Sanitation, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action, Life Below Water, Life on Land and Partnerships for the Goals.  

The company’s mission extends beyond providing bio-based alternatives; it’s about making a global impact, helping clients meet their net-zero commitments and shaping a sustainable future. This commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of Locus Fermentation Solutions’ operations, from its innovative biomanufacturing processes to its diverse portfolio of products.  

Locus Fermentation Solutions’ efforts are not just about advancing its own goals but also about contributing to a more sustainable world for future generations. The company’s success has led to strategic partnerships, including global distribution with Dow in personal and home care markets. 


Locus Fermentation Solutions is not just a green tech company; it’s a catalyst for change in industries reliant on chemicals. With a visionary co-founder, patent-protected ingredient applications, cutting-edge biomanufacturing and a commitment to sustainability, Locus Fermentation Solutions is poised to lead the way in decarbonizing key global sectors and achieve sustainability targets. Join us in this transformative journey towards a greener, more profitable future.  

Interested in learning how you can contribute to and benefit from a leader in biomanufacturing? Contact Locus Fermentation Solutions to explore limited investment and strategic partnership opportunities.