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Locus Performance Ingredients Launches Amphi™ M: The Next Generation of Biosurfactants for Household and Industrial Formulations

By June 10, 2021May 24th, 2022No Comments

TSCA-approved sophorolipid is customized to offer safe, green replacements to legacy surfactants with unmatched efficacy.

SOLON, Ohio (June 10, 2021) Locus Performance Ingredients™ (Locus PI) has launched a new TSCA-approved biosurfactant to maximize product performance and sustainability in the $20+ billion household and industrial markets. Known as Amphi™ M, the high-purity sophorolipid enables formulators to eliminate ESG pressure and efficacy challenges by successfully replacing surfactants and palm-based ingredients.

Amphi M is a top choice for clean label formulations amid rising restrictions related to toxicity, biodegradability, carbon intensity and palm deforestation. Amphi M is non-GMO, palm-free, readily biodegradable and USDA-certified for having 100% biobased, renewable content. Amphi M provides multifunctional properties unique to sophorolipids (SLP)—a type of biosurfactant in the glycolipid class—which enhance performance at minimal usage rates to keep formulated costs low. All Locus PI biosurfactants are produced using a zero-carbon fermentation process for superior environmental benefits.

“Amphi M offers an entirely new way of formulating, without palm oil and deforestation, with a zero-carbon footprint and with no residual toxic Proposition 65 chemicals,” said Dr. Lee Speight, vice president of products and technology at Locus PI. “This next-generation ingredient gives household and industrial products the edge needed to stand out and excel in saturated markets.”

Amphi M biosurfactants can act as multi-functional emulsifiers, degreasers, defoaming agents, porous surface cleaning boosters, pine oil and d-limonene solubilizers, odor preventers and more.

“Our high-purity sophorolipids have properties and areas of applications that are not achievable by chemical counterparts, which gives them truly unique advantages over standard ingredients” said Dr. Speight. “They are formulation ready with better stability, unmatched compatibility, and can work in many nonionic and ionic applications.”

Locus PI has been praised by industry experts for its success in bringing high-purity sophorolipids to market—most recently being named Newcomer of the Year in the ICIS Surfactants Awards. Since the initial launch of the Ferma® S line of personal care ingredients in 2020, the company has more than doubled production to meet growing interest in the novel biosurfactants.

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About Locus Performance Ingredients™
Locus Performance Ingredients™ (Locus PI) is a green tech company dedicated to developing environmentally friendly biosurfactant solutions that replace legacy surfactants and eliminate regulatory challenges in the CPG market. Using advanced fermentation technology, the team creates performance-driven, sustainable ingredients that are 100% biobased and GMO-free, with no palm oil, Proposition 65, EO, formaldehyde or other trace chemicals. Each ingredient is tailored for use in a multitude of personal care, household and industrial applications, with lower usage rates, better performance and a zero-carbon footprint. Locus PI gets its core scientific capabilities from its parent company, Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS), an Ohio-based, globally recognized biosurfactant company. For more information, visit