Locus FS has commercialized microbial-derived applications for use in oil and agriculture, and established IP and efficacy in many other industries.

Put Roots Down
Fresh “probiotic” products that are tailored to regional challenges and crop differences. The treatments enhance root and soil health, increase yields and optimize profits, while combating climate change.

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Product Line

Rhizolizer®, a high-potency soil amendment customized for more than two dozen crops


Up to 82% increases in root mass and better nutrient uptake, leading to ~50% increases in yield and reductions in time to harvest. Positive effects in alleviating the devastation to Florida citrus, and promising results in sequestering carbon and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


  • Treatments on more than 42,000 acres by leading growers of citrus, sod, fruit, vegetables and more
  • Registrations in 32 states within a year of commercialization
  • Over 150 field trials conducted on , with more than 50 additional trials in progress
“Productive crops are built from the ground up, and start with healthy soil.”

Oil & Gas

Product Line

 AssurEOR FLOW™, a paraffin dispersal and wellbore cleaning product, and AssurEOR STIM™, an enhanced oil recovery treatment


Better than toluene and hot-oiling at cleaning rods, tubing, pumps, flowlines and solidified storage tank bottoms. Up to 500% increases in oil production, reduced lease operating expenses and qualification for tax credits.


  • Proven in the Permian, Appalachian and Powder River basins
  • Demand from many of the largest E&P companies
  • Successful treatments in hundreds of wells
“Our non-bacterial treatments are the industry’s most effective alternatives 
to harsh chemicals, with extremely impressive results.”

Production Innovations
Award-winning, non-toxic, customized solutions for use in upstream, midstream and downstream applications. Each treatment is produced in a local fermentation center and optimized specifically for individual field conditions and regional challenges.

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R&D On The Way To Being Operating Companies

We’re accelerating technologies that will ultimately be spun into new operating companies, providing solutions to unmet challenges, including:

  • Aquaculture
  • Bio-Fuel
  • Bio-Mining
  • Food Ingredients
  • Lawn Care
  • Livestock
  • Pest Control
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Remediation
  • Skin Care
  • Supplements
  • …and more

Updates From Our Operating Companies

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"Our fermentation technology and microbial expertise are creating endless opportunities for more cost-effective and safer alternatives to chemicals."

-Andy Lefkowitz, Chairman & CEO of Locus Fermentation Solutions