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Locus Fermentation Solutions Named Green Manufacturer of the Year in GHP’s Global Biotechnology Awards

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Locus Fermentation Solutions Named Green Manufacturer of the Year in
GHP’s Global Biotechnology Awards 

Green Manufacturer of the Year
Green tech startup recognized for designing cost-effective production technology to
 replace chemicals and solve global pain points 

SOLON, Ohio (May 1, 2020) — GHP Magazine has announced the winners of the 2020 Biotechnology Awards, naming Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS) as Green Manufacturer of the Year. The Ohio-based start-up has gained recognition for its innovative technology, which enables the cost-effective production of customized solutions that outperform chemicals in a variety of industries—driving a global shift to the use of environmentally friendly products 

Founded by probiotic experts and backed by a team of scientists from seven countries, Locus FS utilizes microorganisms to create products tailored to successfully address global challenges—including climate change, food security, methane reduction, skin diseases, water contamination, environmental impacts of oil production and more.  

There is increasing demand to replace chemicals with green alternatives, but in the past that meant sacrificing cost or performance—making the switch a difficult sell,” said Andrew Lefkowitz, co-founder of Locus FS and a 2019 EY Entrepreneur of the Year®. “That’s what makes Locus FS’ production technology a true game-changer. We’re offering companiesgreen solutions at industry-low prices that outperform chemicals.”  

The company has already commercialized award-winning products for use in a multitude of industries, including  “probiotics used by farmers to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and boost productivity across a broad range of crops; cost-saving treatment programs for oil & gas wells that safely extract more oil and extend their lifespan to minimize drilling and environmental impact; customized biosurfactant ingredients that replace chemical formulations in industrial and household products; and successful trialing of direct-fed microbials that drastically reduce methane emissions from cattle 

 Biotechnology is a huge, varied and ever-growing industry, and operating and succeeding in it demands excellence at every turn,” said GHP’s Awards Coordinator Jazmin Collins. “It is an incredibly difficult environment, yet there are businesses that have learned to thriveharness innovation and deliver results, driving the greater industry onwards. It has been a delight to recognizpeople and companies from all over the world for their contributions to the science community and the biotechnology industry as a whole.”  

To find out more about Locus FS’ green manufacturing methods and customized solutions, visit To sell all winners of the 2020 Biotechnology Awards, visit 


About Locus Fermentation Solutions 

Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS) is an award-winning green tech firm driving a global shift to the use of environmentally friendly solutions. Founded by probiotic experts, the company utilizes the power of microorganisms to create customized products that successfully address global challenges—including climate change, food security, skin diseases, water contamination, the environmental and safety impacts of oil production, and more. A world-class team of scientists from seven countries design innovative production technology that allows the cost-effective development of these bio-based solutions, which are tailored to outperform and replace chemicals in a variety of industries. Once proven to economically enhance profits and productivity while reducing environmental impact, products are commercialized under industry-specific operating companies to fast-track adoption. Locus FS currently accelerates globally recognized technologies that farmers use to grow more food and reduce greenhouse emissions for Locus Agricultural Solutions, oil & gas operators use to sustainably increase oil production in declining wells for Locus Bio-Energy Solutions and CPG companies are beginning to use to replace chemical additives for Locus Performance Ingredients. Visit for more information.


About GHP Magazine 

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