Leading the ESG Evolution from Texas


Texas is home to Locus FS’ oil & gas and mining divisions. Locus Bio-Energy and Locus Mining are leading the ESG evolution by decarbonizing oil production and increasing critical metal supply to drive the clean energy transition – while also boosting profits.

How? By using biosurfactants to sustainably enhance extraction of natural resources including oil & gas and critical minerals.

Size Matters

Locus’ novel biosurfactants have a smaller micelle size than standard chemical surfactants—meaning they can reach further and extract more natural resources than chemical and bio-based alternatives.

In oil wells, biosurfactant-based treatments can penetrate into nanopores pores as small as 3.1 nm –mobilizing oil that other treatments cannot reach.

Surfactant Level

In mining extraction, biosurfactants help leaching agents penetrate further into pores, preventing the passivation layer from forming and dissolving more minerals for higher recovery and faster leaching time.

Locus is driving the clean energy transition from its Texas locations near Houston, the energy capital of the world, and in Midland, the heart of the prolific Permian Basin.

Locus Bio-Energy


2408 Timberloch Pl, B7

The Woodlands 77380

Locus Bio-Energy

2314 E County Rd 123

Midland 79706

Locus Mining

3819 Honea Egypt Rd

Montgomery 77316

“In the past, the terms “green” or “environmentally-friendly” had drawbacks. When a technology was green it was assumed to under-perform compared to its chemical equivalents. This was the price to pay for having a technology that didn’t further pollute our planet, poison the population, or waste our natural recourses. 

With Locus FS, it’s different. For us, green is secondary to efficacy. We understand that while green is crucial—for an industry to embrace a green technology it must be as effective as it chemicals counterpart and cost effective.  

Chemistry is often used to replace biology. In the industries that Locus FS is involved in, users will soon be able to revert to green solutions at lower costs, with greater efficacy.”

–Andy Lefkowitz, Chairman & CEO of Locus Fermentation Solutions

Operating Divisions

These divisions are a part of Locus Fermentation Solutions, globally recognized for its IP-based, biological products proven to solve key sustainability and profitability challenges in chemical-reliant industries, including agriculture, livestock, oil & gas, mining, CPG and industrial applications.