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ICIS Shortlists Amphi™ M Biosurfactant Ingredient as Innovation Finalist for the Surfactants Awards

By May 6, 2022May 24th, 2022No Comments
ICIS Shortlisted Locus PI for Innovation Award Finalist

100% biobased sophorolipid from Locus Performance Ingredients recognized for advancing formulation performance and sustainability in household and industrial applications

SOLON, Ohio (May 6, 2022) – As part of an ongoing effort to highlight advancements within the chemical industry, Independent Commodity Intelligence Service (ICIS) has announced the shortlist for its annual Surfactants Awards, naming Locus Performance Ingredients (Locus PI) as an innovation finalist. The ingredient company was recognized for Amphi M, a TSCA-certified and 100% biobased biosurfactant with a near-zero carbon footprint that outperforms traditional surfactants and other bio-based surfactants. The novel multifunctional ingredient is expediting the development of clean-label products with higher performance across home and industrial applications.  

Growing Surfactant Market Creates Demand for Sustainable Ingredient Alternatives
The use of surfactant ingredients is a fast-growing market forecasted to reach US$51.3 billion by 2025, but new regulatory restrictions and ESG pressures are creating demand for sustainable alternatives. Amphi™ M can supply the household, industrial and cleaning markets—which currently rely heavily on traditional surfactants—with superior efficacy in a multitude of applications, while also eliminating regulatory challenges, cost issues and sustainability concerns.  

“There are two key factors that make Locus PI’s Amphi M sophorolipid stand out from other sustainable surfactants on the market,” said Dr. Lee Speight, vice president of products and technology for Locus PI. “The first is the biosurfactant’s unique customization ability, which enables Amphi M to be tailored for use in a multitude of home and industrial products—including non-ionic and anionic action applications. The other is its purity and multifunctionality, which are proven to outperform legacy surfactants and bio-based surfactants, all while enabling sustainable formulations.”  

Surfactant Experts Highlight Sophorolipid Biosurfactants As a Top Ingredient Innovation 
Amphi M is part of a line of high-purity sophorolipids that impressed judges when Locus PI was named the ICIS Top Newcomer in 2021. Industry experts highlighted the ingredient company for its innovation and sustainability advancements in the surfactant industry, starting with its unique and rapidly scalable production methods. A patented, modular fermentation process is used to optimize the creation of pure microbial biosurfactants that are non-GMO, plant-based and palm oil-free. They can be easily tailored to fit a wide variety of applications, including use as a multifunctional emulsifier, foaming or defoaming agent, detergent, porous surface cleaning booster, pine oil and D-Limonene solubilizer, odor preventor and more. This process provides formulators with powerful ingredients that have regulatory approval and a near-zero carbon footprint.  

Locus PI Demonstrates Biosurfactant Innovation in Ready-to-Use Cleaning Formulations
To demonstrate the efficacy and multifunctionality of its microbial biosurfactants, Locus PI has also developed a formulation library of industrial and CPG product applications. The ingredient company initially launched a multitude of ready-to-use personal care formulations, which are available globally through Dow. Now, the library is being expanded to include key cleaning applications, including a carpet shampoo and all-purpose cleaner. Each of the new formulations feature the novel Amphi™ M biosurfactant ingredient and outperform leading brands in performance and sustainability.  

“Our goal is to create an easier path for manufacturers to commercialize clean-label products by providing a sustainable surfactant ingredient that meets regulatory requirements like TSCA, and that have already been proven out in formulations,” said Tim Staub, CEO of Locus Performance Ingredients. “We enable formulators to leverage the unique multifunctional properties of our microbial biosurfactants to ensure premium performance and sustainability advantages in formulation.”  

The ICIS Surfactants Awards were developed to highlight noteworthy advancements, projects, collaborations and achievements across the surfactants value chain. Winners for each category will be announced at the ICIS World Surfactants Conference & Awards, happening May 10-11 in Jersey City, NJ. To learn more about Amphi M and Locus PI’s other ingredients, visit 


About Locus Performance Ingredients® 
Locus Performance Ingredients™ (Locus PI) is a green tech company dedicated to developing environmentally friendly biosurfactant solutions that replace legacy surfactants and eliminate regulatory challenges in the CPG market. Using advanced fermentation technology, the team creates performance-driven, sustainable ingredients that are 100% biobased and GMO-free, with no palm oil, Proposition 65, EO, formaldehyde or other trace chemicals of concern. Each ingredient is tailored for use in a multitude of personal care applications, with lower usage rates, better performance and a zero-carbon footprint. Locus PI gets its core scientific capabilities from its parent company, Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS), an Ohio-based, globally recognized biosurfactant company. For more information, visit 

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