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Leading the “Bio-Chem Renaissance”: Top CPG Companies Drive Demand for Green Biosurfactant Ingredients

By December 30, 2020May 24th, 2022No Comments

Supplier Locus Performance Ingredients doubles production capacity to meet growing interest for cleaner product formulations.

SOLON, Ohio (December 302020Top CPG companies are joining the growing clean label trend by replacing surfactants and palm-based ingredients with a new green alternative: biosurfactants. The environmentally friendly solutions were introduced earlier this year when start-up Locus Performance Ingredients (Locus PI) launched its Ferma S line of ingredients for personal care formulations. Production capacity was quickly doubled after the company received interest from 12 of the largest global consumer packaged goods companies. It is now planning for another 50% expansion in early 2021.  

Innova Market Insights deemed clean labels and transparency across supply chains as two innovation accelerators for 2021—trends that are going beyond foods and beverageand into other consumer products. Consumer concerns over ingredient toxicity, palm deforestation and climate changealong with tightening government regulationsare creating high demand for simpler, greener formulations—a need that biosurfactants have proven to successfully meet.  

The Locus PI team has delivered world-class biosurfactants to the market in record time,” said Tim StaubCEO of Locus PI. “After successfully launching Locus PI in July 2020, we have now doubled capacity and are working with 1top CPGs under NDA on 28 projectsincluding expansion into industrial uses through our Amphi ingredient lineThis pipeline validates the growing demand for these clean ingredients and will drive additional expansion in 2021.” 

Using unique and patented fermentation methods, similar to a microbrewery, Locus PI developed customized biosurfactants proven to outperform petrochemical surfactants and solve top challenges in personal care, household and industrial formulations. Focusing specifically on the sophorolipid class of biosurfactants (INCI name: glycolipids), each ingredient is 100% bio-based and non-GMO with a lower carbon footprint. They are free of palm oil, 1,4Dioxane and other Prop 65 trace materials, and use no synthetic raw materials.  

The biodegradability of sophorolipids and their low/no aquatic toxicity make them a top choice for a sustainable yet high-performing alternative to legacy surfactants; and we’re seeing rapid industry acceptance,” said Greg SmithGlobal Director of Sales and Marketing for Locus PI. “These ingredients are good for formulators, brands, consumers and the planet, and our expanded capacity allows us to develop them at much higher production scales.” 

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About Locus Performance Ingredients
Locus Performance Ingredients™ (Locus PI) is a green tech startup dedicated to developing environmentally friendly biosurfactant  solutions that replace legacy surfactants and eliminate regulatory challenges in the CPG market. Using advanced fermentation  technology, the team creates performance-driven, sustainable ingredients that are 100% bio-based and GMO-free, with no palm oil, Proposition 65, EO, formaldehyde or other trace chemicals. Each ingredient is tailored for use in a multitude of personal care applications, with lower usage rates, 5-25X better performance and a 37% lower carbon footprint. For more information, visit