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Locus Mining Solutions’ Decarbonizing and Resource-Releasing Reagents Reach Finals of 2022 Platts Global Energy Awards

By December 7, 2022December 13th, 2022No Comments

Revolutionary biosurfactant additives continue to accumulate industry kudos, including as a finalist for Energy Transition Technology of the Year from S&P Global Energy. Here’s why:

  • Biosurfactant additives are advancing the clean energy transition by boosting the recovery of up to 90% more insoluble metals like copper from increasingly low-grade ores
  • The green reagents promote mining decarbonization by reducing reliance on toxic chemicals and minimizing tailings
  • The customized solutions offer low cost of ownership by utilizing existing delivery systems

HOUSTON (December 07, 2022) Since launching earlier this year, Locus Mining Solutions is already being recognized for its biosurfactant reagent additives across both professional and scientific communities. The decarbonizing, ESG-friendly mining reagents are achieving up to 90% increased recovery rates from low-grade ores, while using existing delivery systems. They promise to advance the clean energy transition by increasing the availability of metals needed, including copper.

With global demand for energy-transition metals and minerals surging to all-time highs, the mining industry is under worldwide pressure to keep up. But after countless years of mining, today’s ores are low grade, making it difficult to extract usable materials. The mining industry and society as a whole desperately need clean and efficient reagent innovations to meet transition goals.

Mining Industry Embraces Biosurfactants As Green Reagent Additives

Because of the impressive initial results from the ESG-friendly reagents, the prestigious 2022 Platts Global Energy Awards committee has named Locus Mining Solutions a finalist in the Energy Transition Technology of the Year category. Award winners will be announced by S&P Global in New York on December 8.

This is the second recognition for Locus Mining Solutions in its short life. Earlier this year, Mining-Technology highlighted Locus Mining Solutions in the 2022 Excellence Rankings in three categories:

  1. Environmental
  2. Innovation
  3. Product Launch

Locus Bio-Energy Solutions, a separate oil & gas division, is also a finalist for the 2022 Platts Global Energy Awards under the Energy Commercial Technology category.

“Recognition from prestigious organizations like S&P Global Platts means the mining industry is deeply interested in the value proposition of our reagent additives,” said Locus Mining Solutions CEO, Jon Rogers. “We are developing ways to grow the supply of critical metals needed for the clean-energy transition while shrinking the mining industry’s carbon footprint, and many are joining us on this journey.”

Locus Mining Solutions Growth Attracts Top Industry Experts

Left: Gabi Knesel, PhD, MBA, Right: Ronney Silva, PhD, M.Sc, PMP

In addition to the recognitions, Locus Mining Solutions’ cutting-edge innovations are also attracting top industry talent. The company has recently added 20-year mining veteran Ronney Silva, PhD, M.Sc, PMP to its team of experts. Dr. Silva is the Director of Metallurgy, leading a team of experts in streamlining commercialization of the field-proven biosurfactant additives.

Dr. Silva joins Gabi Knesel, PhD, MBA, who was brought on as Vice President. Dr. Knesel added her extensive experience in mining and academia to the leadership from the initial launch earlier this year.

To further expand and strengthen its development work, the Locus Mining Solutions team is in the process of opening a metallurgical lab in Texas. The state-of-the-art facility will research, develop and optimize the next generation of biosurfactant-based mining reagents to be used to advance the recovery of minerals and mineral beneficiation—and to further undergird the green energy transition. To learn more, visit


About Locus Mining Solutions

Locus Mining Solutions, a division of Locus Fermentation Solutions, addresses the demand for sustainable mining practices that are environmentally friendly, while boosting minerals and metals extraction rates from low-grade ores that are common today. The division develops carbon-neutral, 100% renewable-sourced biosurfactant additives that boost traditional processes in extracting stranded minerals and metals that are increasingly required for the energy transition. This new generation of mining reagents speed the achievement of sustainability goals while also expanding profitability. To learn more about effective and ESG-friendly biosurfactants in mining, visit