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Leading Agricultural Research Universities Show Substantial Reductions in Nitrous Oxide Emissions with Rhizolizer® Duo Soil Probiotic Technology

By July 8, 2021May 24th, 2022No Comments

Locus AG releases results showing N2O emission reductions in multiple greenhouse and field studies conducted by South Dakota State and Texas A&M Universities

SOLON, OHIO (July 8, 2021) Trials with two leading agricultural research universities are showing substantial reductions in nitrous oxide emissions and better nitrogen uptake using a soil probiotic technology from Locus Agricultural Solutions® (Locus AG). Data from greenhouse and field trials conducted by South Dakota State University and Texas A&M University show that the certified B Corp’s Rhizolizer® Duo soil treatments reduced N2O emissions by as much as 77% in corn and 75% in potatoes. Concurrent trials on the same plots also demonstrated impressive yield increases.

Why It Matters
Nitrous oxide (N2O) is 300 times more potent of a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide (CO2). Nitrogen-based fertilizers account for 79% of all N2O emissions in agriculture and over 10% of all global greenhouse gas emissions annually. As more focus is put on environmental impacts of nitrous oxide emissions in agriculture, the search has heightened for cost-effective tools that can be rapidly implemented to reduce it across the value chain, without impacting crop performance. The trials using Locus AG’s soil probiotic technologies demonstrate its potential as a top solution.

“Minimizing fertilizer use has been looked at as the main way to reduce nitrous oxide emissions, but that’s not always feasible,” said Grant Aldridge, CEO of Locus AG. “What’s unique about Rhizolizer Duo is that it significantly reduces N2O emissions regardless of fertilizer usage—which is crucial for making the largest environmental impact. It’s cost-effective, it doesn’t require large practice changes and it provides unmatched economic benefits to the farmer. That’s a game-changer for the future of regenerative agriculture.”

The Soil Probiotic Technology
Rhizolizer® Duo has already been globally recognized for its proven ability to boost yields, reduce input needs and supercharge carbon sequestration—resulting in as high as 4-5 times return on investment (ROI) per acre for farmers. The carbon-neutral products are also approved as a regenerative practice change, qualifying farmers that use it to sell carbon credits in carbon marketplaces that follow IPCC guidelines through Locus AG’s CarbonNOW® program.

Ongoing research trials with leading agricultural universities are being conducted to evaluate the additional environmental benefits of Rhizolizer Duo, including positive impacts on reducing nitrous oxide emissions, increasing nitrogen uptake and improving water-use efficiency.

“Locus AG is putting significant research and funding into solving the nitrous oxide emissions problem and other environmental challenges within agriculture,” Aldridge said. “To have carbon-neutral soil probiotic technologies that are already in the marketplace today delivering this level of ESG value is truly groundbreaking.”

Details of the Trials
After initial greenhouse trials showed Rhizolizer Duo reduced N2O emissions by 31%, field trials were conducted by South Dakota State University throughout the full 2020 growing season. Corn treated with Rhizolizer Duo was compared to adjacent plots using untreated standard growing practices. An 83% reduction in N2O emissions was seen when the soil probiotic technology was applied with urea in the few weeks after planting, followed by a 44% reduction throughout the remainder of the season—resulting in an overall 77% reduction in N2O emissions across the trial. Isotope mapping also showed more efficient nitrogen management and utilization—with more nitrogen availability and uptake by the plants.

Similar field trials were conducted by Texas A&M University, which showed a 75% reduction in N2O emissions in potatoes treated with Rhizolizer Duo.

In additional SDSU trials conducted simultaneously at the same location, Rhizolizer Duo also increased corn yields by an average of 6 bushels per acre.

“It’s almost impossible to find a soil technology that can make a substantial environmental impact while also boosting crop productivity—making Rhizolizer Duo immensely valuable to farmers and the ag industry as a whole,” said Aldridge.

Additional trials are underway with other leading ag research universities around the U.S. To learn more about Rhizolizer Duo, visit


About Locus Agricultural Solutions®
Locus Agricultural Solutions® (Locus AG) is an agtech, certified B Corp™ and innovator member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development that is helping to solve the interrelated challenges of climate change and food security. Its innovative, award-winning microbial soil “probiotic” technologies and CarbonNOW® program give farmers a new way to boost yields, profit and accelerate carbon sequestration while reducing operating costs and environmental impact. The company’s success has received global recognition, including being named a Top 100 North America Winner by Red Herring, one of the Top New 50 Startups to Watch by Cleantech Group and winner of NREL’s Industry Growth Forum Outstanding Venture Award. Locus AG gets its core scientific capabilities from its parent company, Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS), an Ohio-based, globally recognized green technology company. For more information, visit