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Locus Fermentation Solutions Selected for Evolution of Manufacturing Award by Smart Business Magazine

By February 24, 2022May 24th, 2022No Comments
Green manufacturing company wins award

Northeast Ohio startup recognized for its innovative biological manufacturing with a near-zero carbon footprint.

SOLON, Ohio (February 24, 2022) Smart Business has named green tech startup Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS) an Evolution of Manufacturing award winner. The fast-growing Northeast Ohio company developed a patented production process with a near-zero carbon footprint to rapidly and cost effectively scale customized biologicals. The resulting green ingredients and products are tailored to outperform harsh chemicals traditionally used in a wide variety of applications and industries, ranging from energy to agriculture and consumer product formulations.

Modular Fermentation a Game Changer for Green Manufacturing

Locus FS has received international recognition for its unique modular fermentation approach that enables, for the first time, a cost-effective, scalable production method for high-performance, 100% biobased ingredients. The company’s green manufacturing offers CAPEX as low as 10% of traditional fermentation methods with the ability to commercialize solutions in as little as 1/3 of the standard time to market.

Founded by probiotic experts and backed by a team of scientists from around the world, Locus FS identifies and leverages specific microorganisms that address specific industry ESG and productivity pain points. Using microbial fermentation, customized solutions are then developed to help address global challenges including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving food security, enhancing water use efficiency and minimizing deforestation related to palm oil production, among other issues.

A Growing Worldwide Need for Biobased Solutions

“There is mounting global pressure to move towards a more environmentally friendly economy and replace traditional chemistries with green alternatives” said Andrew Lefkowitz, co-founder of Locus FS. “Three historical barriers to widespread adoption of biologicals included high costs, manufacturing limitations and lackluster performance.”

Lefkowitz continued, “We solved these challenges by creating a readily scalable manufacturing process at price points that allow companies across a spectrum of market segments to adopt these green technologies. We enable maximized sustainability without sacrificing performance or profitability.”

The Evolution of Manufacturing award recognizes the ingenuity and game-changing strategies of the selected NE Ohio companies that meet the challenges of an evolving and changing global economy. Locus FS will also be featured, along with the other honorees, in a special editorial report in the March 2022 edition of Smart Business Magazine.


About Locus Fermentation Solutions 

Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS) is an award-winning green tech startup driving a global shift to the use of environmentally friendly solutions. Founded by probiotic experts, the US-based company utilizes the power of microorganisms to create customized products that successfully address global challenges—including climate change, food security, skin conditions, water contamination, the environmental and safety impacts of oil production, and more. A world-class team of scientists from around the world designed innovative production technology with a near-zero carbon footprint to cost-effectively develop bio-based solutions, which are tailored to outperform chemicals in a variety of industries. Once proven to economically enhance profits and productivity while reducing environmental impact, products are commercialized under industry-specific operating divisions to fast-track adoption. Locus FS currently accelerates globally recognized technologies that farmers use to grow more food and reduce greenhouse emissions for Locus Agricultural Solutions, oil & gas operators use to sustainably increase oil production in declining wells for Locus Bio-Energy Solutions and CPG companies use to replace chemical surfactants in product formulations for Locus Performance Ingredients…plus more. Visit for more information.