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Locus Fermentation Solutions Unveils Rebrand to Reinforce Commitment to Sustainable Future

By May 15, 2023No Comments

Ohio-based green tech company rolls out comprehensive rebranding to reflect global environmental, social and governance (ESG) mission 

SOLON, OH (May 15, 2023) Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS), a leading green tech company that produces biological alternatives to traditional chemicals, announced a strategic rebranding to better reflect its mission. The rebranding will be rolled out across the company to communicate a singular corporate identity. 

The transformational move underscores Locus FS’ mission to lead the charge in using biomanufacturing to provide sustainable biologicals. The solutions enable global industries to transition away from harmful chemicals and move towards a more sustainable future.  

“Our tailor-made, non-GMO biological solutions have improved client profitability while accelerating rapid achievement of sustainability and decarbonization goals across diverse sectors,” said Andrew Lefkowitz, chairman and chief executive officer of Locus FS. “The rebranding initiative will enable us to establish a cohesive corporate identity, while also showcasing the innovation of our technology and our pivotal role in biomanufacturing.” 

Since its start, Locus FS has transformed biologicals made from 100% renewable materials into alternatives that replace or reduce the use of chemicals, with better performance and cost metrics. The company’s solutions are applied to decarbonize industries reliant on chemicals, including agriculture, consumer packaged goods, energy, mining and manufacturing.

Locus Fermentation Solutions division chart

As part of the rebrand the Locus FS business units will also receive branding updates, including the shortening of multiple division names:

Locus FS has a library of more than 1,400 patent filings covering its intellectual property and biomanufacturing technology. It is backed by over $250 million in funding, including $117 million recently raised from IP-insurance backed debt financing arranged by Jefferies.

Locus FS’ commitment to transformative change is further bolstered by strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Dow and Veolia. These alliances strengthen Locus FS’ capacity to advance 11 of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development goals while empowering clients to achieve their net-zero objectives. For more information, visit


About Locus Fermentation Solutions 

Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS) uses patented biomanufacturing technology to deliver biological alternatives to chemicals that accelerate the profitable meeting of decarbonization goals for clients. These solutions are tailored to address global ESG challenges—including climate change, food security, product sustainability, water contamination, oil and mineral demand, and more. Once field proven, the biobased ingredients are commercialized through industry-specific operating divisions. 

Locus Fermentation Solutions’ divisions include Locus Agriculture, which helps farmers grow more food and minimize greenhouse emissions; Locus Animal Nutrition, which reduces methane emissions while boosting productivity of livestock; Locus Bio-Energy, which works with oil & gas operators to sustainably increase production of low-carbon fossil fuels; Locus Mining, which accelerates the clean-energy transition by boosting recovery of critical metals; Locus Ingredients, which helps clients replace chemical and palm-based surfactants in industrial and product formulations; and Locus Consumer Brands, which develops clean-label CPG products. Visit for more information.