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Locus FS Replaces Chemicals and Improves Sustainability in CPG Market With Launch of Performance Ingredients Company

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Locus FS Replaces Chemicals and Improves Sustainability in CPG Market
With Launch of Performance Ingredients Company

LPI Company Launch
New green solutions outperform surfactants with lower carbon footprint in
personal care, household chemical and industrial product formulations

SOLON, Ohio (July 212020) Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS) is expanding its award-winning green technology into the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) market with the launch of a new operating company that will replace toxic and palm-based chemicals and maximize product sustainability. Branded as Locus Performance Ingredients (Locus PI), the startup develops nature-derived, high-performance biosurfactant ingredients proven to outperform petrochemical surfactants and solve top challenges in personal care, home care and industrial formulations 

Problem: Growing Demand for Green CPG Ingredients
CPGs are facing serious product formulation challengestightening government regulations and increasing ingredient disclosure requirementsperformance issues, and consumer concerns over deforestation, climate change and toxicity. While demand is increasing for more sustainable ingredient optionsproduction and pricing restrictions limited the availability of cost-effective, green alternatives.  

Solution: Performance-Driven, Sustainable Ingredients 
Locus PI can address these challenges by directly replacing petrochemical surfactants in CPG product formulations with safer, biodegradable, all natural and GMO-free biosurfactant ingredients that offer at least 37% lower carbon footprint and 5-25X better performance in formulations, which results in much lower dosage rates. Each solution is multifunctional and can be easily customized to individual formulation needs.  

“Our biosurfactants are palm-free, ethylene oxide-free, non-toxic and have no 1,4-dioxane—making them some of the purest and safest ingredient options available,” said Tim Staub, CEO of Locus PI. 

The How: Innovative Production Technology
Locus PI utilizes the globally recognized proprietary bioinformatics and fermentation technology developed by Locus FS to create its biosurfactant ingredients. The approach creates customized green solutions at industrylow production costs and usage rates—with unmatched performance. It has already been used to successfully develop solutions proven to outperform chemicals in top industries including agricultureoil & gas, animal nutrition and more—driving a shift to the use of environmentally friendly products. 

“There is global demand for customizable green solutions, and we can provide them at commercially viable volumes and costs,” said Andrew (Andy) Lefkowitz, co-founder of Locus FS and a 2019 regional Entrepreneur of the Year®. “For the first time, it’s possible to reduce the use of toxic chemicals and solve global challenges without sacrificing performance.”

For more information on Locus FS’ innovative production technology and global applications, visit To learning more about its new performance ingredient operating company, visit 


About Locus Fermentation Solutions
Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS) is an award-winning green tech startup driving a global shift to the use of environmentally friendly solutions. Founded by probiotic experts, the company utilizes the power of microorganisms to create customized products that successfully address global challenges—including climate change, food security, skin diseases, water contamination, the environmental and safety impacts of oil production, and more. A world-class team of scientists from seven countries design innovative production technology that cost-effectively develops these bio-based solutions, which are tailored to outperform and replace chemicals in a variety of industries. Once proven to economically enhance profits and productivity while reducing environmental impact, products are commercialized under industry-specific operating companies to fast-track adoption. Locus FS currently accelerates globally recognized technologies that farmers use to grow more food and reduce greenhouse emissions for Locus Agricultural Solutions, oil & gas operators use to sustainably increase oil production in declining wells for Locus Bio-Energy Solutions and CPG companies use to replace chemical surfactants in product formulations for Locus Performance Ingredients. Visit for more information.