A Company for Farmers and the Environment (AIM2Flourish)

Locus is a great example of a company that makes sustainable production easier for farmers. Locus is about optimizing profitability and improving sustainability. Optimizing profitability is accomplished since their products enrich the soil and root microbiome, resulting in improved vigor, and increased yields. Improving sustainability is accomplished through their products, substantially reducing carbon footprints by increasing soil carbon utilization and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Replacing chemistry with biology: Solon firm cultivates problem-solving products with worldwide impact (

Neat green rows of lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables rise in a small corner of Rainbow Farms. Some may see the makings of a great salad here. Others see the makings of a better world, a response to the problems of greenhouse gases and global warming. This half-acre plot is a field trial for Rhizolizer, a combination of fermented microbes of fungus and bacteria that has been added to the soil.

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