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Why ICIS Highlighted Biosurfactant Technology from Locus FS in the World Surfactants Awards

By October 16, 2020May 24th, 2022No Comments

Why ICIS Highlighted Biosurfactant Technology from Locus FS in the World Surfactants Awards  

Green tech selected as a newcomer finalist for ability to replace chemicals and solve global pain points   

SOLON, Ohio (October 162020) A technology breakthrough is making it possible to cost-effectively reduce worldwide chemical surfactant reliance for the first timeProduction methods developed by Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS) are driving a global shift to the use of high-performing biosurfactants customized to directly replace surfactants in key global industries—with a 37% lower carbon footprintThe advancements caught the attention of Independent Commodity Intelligence Services (ICIS)which highlighted the green tech start-up as a high-achieving newcomer finalist in the World Surfactants Awards 

Rising Concerns with Globally Used Surfactants
Petrochemical-based surfactantare used around the world in almost every industry, including oil & gasagriculture, consumer products and more. Surfactants often include residual trace chemicals or palm oil, have aquatic toxicity, biodegradability issues and a high carbon intensity production process. Tightening government regulations and consumer concerns on their use has resulted in a global search for more sustainable options.  

Biosurfactants As a Top Green Alternative 
Biosurfactants are a category of bio-based surfactants produced by living microorganisms and derived from nature without any chemical manipulation. Theare the most promising environmentally friendly replacements to surfactants based on their ability to outperform in functionality, versatility and safetyTremendous world-wide demand exists for their use, but use was limited due to volume and cost restrictions.  

There’s a global need for non-GMO and non-toxic biological solutions to replace chemicals in almost every industry, but until now worldwide fermentation capabilities fell far short of demand,” said Andrew (Andy) Lefkowitz, co-founder of Locus FS and a 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year.  

Advancements Allowing Worldwide Use
The production methods developed by Locus FS are the first to solve biosurfactant manufacturing challenges and enable their cost-effective commercial scaling at less than 10% of traditional CAPEX with better performanceEach high-purity solution is tailored to specific industries and applications—focusing on solving critical pain points unable to be addressed through traditional surfactants. The customized approach has been used to successfully develop bio-based products used in agriculture, oil & gas, livestock, home care, personal care and more. 

From reducing methane emissions in cattle and helping agriculture sequester more carbon to replacing harmful ingredients in personal care products and minimizing use of synthetic chemical treatments in oil wells—the applications and beneficial impacts of biosurfactants are endless,” Lefkowitz said. “Our production approach makes their global use a reality and is a huge advancement in phasing out chemicals with better performing and more sustainable solutions.”  

Prior to the ICIS recognition, Locus FS’ innovative work resulted in its selection as Green Manufacturer of the Year for biotechnology and an Evolution of Manufacturing honoree—in addition to global awards for its multiple operating companies. For more information, visit  


About Locus Fermentation Solutions
Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS) is an award-winning green tech startup driving a global shift to the use of environmentally friendly solutions. Founded by probiotic experts, the company utilizes the power of microorganisms to create customized products that successfully address global challenges—including climate change, food security, skin diseases, water contamination, the environmental and safety impacts of oil production, and more. A world-class team of scientists from seven countries design innovative production technology that cost-effectively develops these bio-based solutions, which are tailored to outperform and replace chemicals in a variety of industries. Once proven to economically enhance profits and productivity while reducing environmental impact, products are commercialized under industry-specific operating companies to fast-track adoption. Locus FS currently accelerates globally recognized technologies that farmers use to grow more food and reduce greenhouse emissions for Locus Agricultural Solutions, oil & gas operators use to sustainably increase oil production in declining wells for Locus Bio-Energy Solutions and CPG companies use to replace chemical surfactants in product formulations for Locus Performance Ingredients. Visit for more information.